Tuesday, May 21, 2013

String® Pocket shelves

I absolutely love the classic String® shelves and when I decided on products for White Punch, String® Pockets was one of the first products that I wanted to sell. We have two sets of String® systems in our house, so I am a big fan.  Apart from being the ultimate storage solution, String Pockets are also an affordable designer classic, designed by Swedish Nils Strinning back in 1949. 

String Pocket Shelf at Whitepunch.co.uk
This Pocket version is perfect storage for today’s living. String®Pocket composition is made up of three shelves and two side panels which are easy to assemble and would look great in any room.
The shelves would equally look great on its own, grouped together in a row or one on top of another.

String Pocket Shelf at Whitepunch.co.uk
String Pockets at White Punch
String Pocket Shelf at Whitepunch.co.uk
These wonderful pictures are styled by one of my favorite stylist Lotta Agaton,  photographed by Marcus Lawett and art directed by  Magnus Ingerstedt.
Till next time, take care.
Kari Anne x

Thursday, May 2, 2013

White Punch Shop is open! Hurra!

Yesterday, 1 of May, the doors to my baby White Punch lifestyle store finally opened!! It has been a long process and I am so happy and excited that it is now up and running! Be my guest and have a look. There might be some hick ups in the beginning, so please let me know if there is anything that doesn’t work as it should. Here are my picks for May from the shop:
White Punch May Picks. Inspiration

Till next time, take care.

Kari Anne x