Friday, December 13, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Styling + Photo for White Punch

This weekend I attended a Styling and Photography Workshop with Jemma Watts, an incredibly talented lifestyle photographer. It was hosted by Ladies in Blogging, a blogging group I was introduced to last week by the wonderful Vee who is behind the blog Chalk the Blog. This was a huge step in the right direction for me as I have been eager to start to take my own product shots for White Punch. When I started out creating the White Punch webshop, I had so many expectation and plans. It was all there in my head, how the products would feature in my shop, but I did not appreciate how many hats I had to put on and roles I had to fill, so the creative side of the business did not develop the way that I had planned and wished for. Now that the shop is up and running fine I now have more time exploring the wonderful world of photography and styling. Jemma thought us so many amazing tricks and tips that would have taken me months to learn on my own. I am a complete novice; I could not even work out my tripod...! I have had my entry level DSRL camera for about two years, but have not really gone near it as I've had no clue on how to work it or where to start. Now I cannot wait to explore it more, thanks to all the things I learned at this workshop. I look forward to bringing my products out and experimenting with different settings on the camera and styling ideas. So...drum roll please... this is my first try:

My very own shot of something I styled and created. A photographer’s trained eye will see lots of mistakes I have made, but I am quite happy, as for me it is a step in the right direction. Both for the shop and this blog. I’m getting closer to the vision I have up there in my head :)
Oh and the cute mango breadboard I used is from here .
Till next time, take care.

Kari Anne x

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Package Love

I am a self confessed package snob. Especially if the label is black, white, simplistic and shows great typography! I am totally sold if I see something like that. It could contain absolute anything, I’ll buy it and it pains me to open them. I am known to refill great looking soap bottles with 'normal' soap after the original soap has finished, refill fantastic looking water bottles with tap water as I think it look better on the table and also refilling vodka bottles that looks too great to throw away! You might feel a bit cheated if you come around to the White Punch house!! Here are some examples of my package love.






Till next time, take care!
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Picks from White Punch

Here at White Punch we love the autumn feel this November and darker nights after we turned the clocks back. And personally I am really looking forward to Christmas! I have been holding back for a while now and feel that this is the right time to start to introduce you to some of White Punches Christmas. In my November Picks there is the cutest little Mugtails which are our best seller at the moment. Just like forest animals straight from fairytale books. Their bushy tails are on mat finished mugs. These mugtails bring a mixture of a warm atmosphere, cute character and an elegant design. The type of size of the animal is shown by the size of the mug so they are all different. They can be used to drink from, hold candles in (which gives out a warm orange glow or even an accessory holder. They come in 4 designs; Rabbit, Fawn, Cat and Squirrel and they are the perfect Christmas gifts I think. Talking of lights we have also included the ultimate glam industrial chic wall lamp. I fell in love with this lamp the first time I saw it for its golden finish and its simple and bare design. Another light is our Neon STAR Light, which really looks great all year around, but would probably look extra special on the wall during this time of year. The neon art and typography are the inspiration for this cool wall light from the ever so clever Italian design house Seletti. November and December are the months you would probably do a bit more entertaining than usual. We have a large selection of different types of bread boards that are ideal for serving all the festive treats, -why don’t you take a look?

Till next time, take care!

Kari Anne x

Monday, October 14, 2013

Black Monday

Loving black here at the White Punch Blog this Monday afternoon. My favourite colour this time of year!

Black Kitchen via Quote via Coffee and Chocolate via Danielle Witte Styling via Black Plate and Cutlery via Classic car via Chalk Texture via Take Care via

Till next time, take care!

Kari Anne xx

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Inspiration: Grey

October. My favourite month. I’m feeling grey, but not in a bad way :)

 Trude Vaaga's home via FruFly

Camilla Tange Peylecke's home via her blog HUNCH

Simple Style Love by Line Kay via her blog  Vintage piken
Grey Suede New Balance Love VIA

Eames and Grey! I am in Love. VIA
Elepahnt Grey VIA
October Dog Love VIA

Trade Secrets by White Punch :)
Till next time, -take care!
Kari Anne xx


Monday, September 16, 2013

100% Norway

This is a great week as The London Design Festival is upon us! The LDF is an annual event, held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world, and as the gateway to the international creative community. This year's Festival has started and will run until 22 September. One of my highlights during the design week is 100% Norway. Of course I am a bit biased as I am Norwegian, but I am passionate about Norwegian design and would lover more people to recognise what is happening in the Norwegian design area. 100% Norway brings the best of Norwegian furniture and product design to London Design Festival and this year is their 10th anniversary. To celebrate their 10th anniversary they've created a small series of films to present their brand new theme for the 2013. Below is a video of co-curators Henrietta Thompson and Benedicte Sunde who tell us more about their curation process and what's coming up. Take a look!

100% Norway 2013 from Zetteler&Dunn

Later in the week I will show you my favourite Norwegian designs at the moment.

Till next time, -take care!

Kari Anne x

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ready for autumn.

And just like that, September is here! My picks for September from White Punch have a real autumn feel. I love change in seasons, any seasons, but autumn, I think, is my favourite. After the best summer in a decade, I am now quite ready for darker nights, leaves falling, cooler air, roaring fires, hearty stews and lots and lots of candles. Here are some autumn inspiration pictures and my picks from the shop.

Via AnoukB

Via AnoukB


 Via the Shop
Till next time, -Take care!
Kari Anne x

Friday, August 9, 2013

And we're back :)

We're back and we're back to BLACK here at White Punch :) The holiday was great!! Made memories for life. Totally fell in love with NY  and will post more on that later, but here is some black inspiration handpicked from the White Punch Shop. Hope you like :)

Thankfully long summer nights are still here on our return! We love this Kiss me Right here poster £35 from One Must Dash. Perfect for the bedroom;) Take a break with MINE/YOURS/PAUSE mugs £7. You deserve it... This Black Iron teapot £59 is absolutely stunning. Heavy black iron, -makes a real statement on the table. When you're done, wash and dry the cups on this Industrial Cup Holder £49
Till next time, -take care!

Kari Anne xx

Monday, July 22, 2013

We are on a break :)

The Shop is still open, but deliveries will not be dispatched until 7th of August.


Till next time, take care!

Kari Anne xx

Danish Holiday Cottage

We are always dreaming of a Holiday Cottage near the sea on the coast of Norway here in the White Punch family. Every Scandinavian Interior magazine are brimmed of holiday home features at this time of year. I love marvelling over them and making little mental notes on features I would like in our future home from home. This Beautiful Danish cottage belongs to Uffe Buchard and Kim Grenaa, who runs the model agency GrenaaBuchard together in Copenhagen. The interior is a beautiful mix of old and new, Nordic and exotic, exclusive and basic. Beautifully done.

Via Elle Decoration Norge Blogg Styling Pernille Vest Foto Heidi Lerkenfeldt/ Linnea Press

Friday, July 12, 2013

July Picks at White Punch

Finally the long awaited summer is here for real in the UK. Hurray! We had a mini heat wave here last weekend and are expecting another one in the next few days. The kids have broken up from school and we are enjoying every moment as we never know how long this beautiful spell will last. Here are my picks from White Punch that I think are very suited for the month of July:)

*Straw Basket with leather handles from Tine K Home is the ultimate summer accessory. It is very spacious and has room for everything you need for the beach, picnics, friends BBQ or any other fun filled summer activity:) Can also be used as a storage bag around the house. *Showcase some beautiful summer flowers in one of these Vases from House Doctor DK. *We love these Fringed Towel Ponchos from Tine K Home. *July is the time for entertaining, so why not serve up some delicious summer dishes on this beautiful Marble Serving Board from HK Living.

Till next time, -take care!

Kari Anne xx

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Check yout my guest post at Hege in France's blog.

So happy to do my first guest post at the lovely Hege In France's blog. Check it out HERE , I am talking about how to create it both Nordic and Exotic in your home.

Here are some suggestions to create the look in your home from the White Punch Shop .

1.Bamboo Light 2.Juju hat 3. Denim Pouf  4.Wooden Houses 5.Hammock 6.Golden Stool 7.Basket 8.More Print Cushion

Monday, June 17, 2013

Internal Steel Windows

I love the look of internal windows. Especially the steel ones you would normally find in old factory buildings. It probably stems from my unfulfilled dream of loft living :) I really like the character it adds to a room as well as being transparent and letting the light come through. Win win I would say.

 Till next time, take care.
Kari Anne x

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zoo Potraits by Yago Partal

Came over these fantastic artworks by Yago Partal this morning while browsing the web. How funny are they? We were in stitches at some of them. I think the animals are so human like, each got their own character; it is actually a bit freaky. My dear daughter has set her eye on the wolf, really wanting a print for her room. Hmmm... I might give into this one, just this once...
Check out Yago Partals whole collection on Enjoy!

Till next time, take care,
Kari Anne xx