Monday, June 17, 2013

Internal Steel Windows

I love the look of internal windows. Especially the steel ones you would normally find in old factory buildings. It probably stems from my unfulfilled dream of loft living :) I really like the character it adds to a room as well as being transparent and letting the light come through. Win win I would say.

 Till next time, take care.
Kari Anne x


  1. Nice post Kari Anne. I work for Crittall Windows the largest supplier of steel windows in the UK and Europe, so I am biased, but it's nice to see more people being inspired by the flexibility and functionality of steel windows.

    1. Thank you John. We are looking into a room divider in our house at ground floor, as it is currently all open plan. I will keep Crittall in mind when we have made a decision.

    2. Hi John
      I am looking for a similar solution as an interior room divider form my hallway/living room. Please can you let me know who I can email at Crittall to get a quote? Thanks, Victoria

      Great post, Kari Anne!

  2. Depending where you are, you can contact a local authorised distributor. In the UK look at or in North America we also have distributors in Australia, Europe, and The Far East. Alternatively, you can contact me on twitter @johnkatcrittall or facebook I will always make sure your request gets to the right person