Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pocket String Sale!

Hi there, long time no see.... Blog has been a bit of a stand still over the past few months, but I am ready to change that. Feeling in the groove to start blogging again.

It is mid October and we at White Punch have an offer for you:) From yesterday we have 20% off on the Swedish design classic String Pockets. Now you can get one of these wonderfully versatile shelving units for a snippet at £86 :) We put a white one up in my youngest daughter bedroom and thinking of putting up the Raw String Pocket somewhere downstairs as I just love the raw material used in that style. They are just so practical and stylish and can hold all your favourite things. Earlier I showed some pretty cool String Pocket pictures that were styled by one of my favorite stylist Lotta Agaton. Have a look and get inspired.

Till next time, take care.
Kari Anne X

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