Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Picks from White Punch

Here at White Punch we love the autumn feel this November and darker nights after we turned the clocks back. And personally I am really looking forward to Christmas! I have been holding back for a while now and feel that this is the right time to start to introduce you to some of White Punches Christmas. In my November Picks there is the cutest little Mugtails which are our best seller at the moment. Just like forest animals straight from fairytale books. Their bushy tails are on mat finished mugs. These mugtails bring a mixture of a warm atmosphere, cute character and an elegant design. The type of size of the animal is shown by the size of the mug so they are all different. They can be used to drink from, hold candles in (which gives out a warm orange glow or even an accessory holder. They come in 4 designs; Rabbit, Fawn, Cat and Squirrel and they are the perfect Christmas gifts I think. Talking of lights we have also included the ultimate glam industrial chic wall lamp. I fell in love with this lamp the first time I saw it for its golden finish and its simple and bare design. Another light is our Neon STAR Light, which really looks great all year around, but would probably look extra special on the wall during this time of year. The neon art and typography are the inspiration for this cool wall light from the ever so clever Italian design house Seletti. November and December are the months you would probably do a bit more entertaining than usual. We have a large selection of different types of bread boards that are ideal for serving all the festive treats, -why don’t you take a look?

Till next time, take care!

Kari Anne x